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Thanjavur Military Hotel

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Welcome to the Thanjavur Military Hotel – the first Inheritance Hotel in Chettinad, built on a property that has been with the family for almost 105 years. Located in Parktown heart of Chennai city, the Thanjavur Military Hotel is a family-run hotel that combines traditional Chettiar hospitality with modern amenities. The extensive property retains its Chettinad charm, old-style furniture.We have over 105 years of fine foods tradition developed carefully and with loving attention to details. We listen to our guests to refine our offerings and menus constantly. At Thanjavur Military Hotel you will find these values in our menus, our service, and our total presentation.

Thanjavur Military Hotel, in the heart of Chennai city in southern India, was once little more than a fabled land. This was the home of the Chettiars, the traders who made their wealth overseas in the early 20th century.

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Chettinad Culture and History

Cuisine is intricately linked with context. And in the case of the Chettiar people, their particular, fascinating history – of Tamilian traders who made their wealth in South and Southeast Asia in the early 20th century...

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